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What people are saying about Through the Whirlpool:

“With a humanitarian’s compassion, Koerber has given us a non-judgmental view of ordinary Germans who lived through and participated in the horror of Nazism.”
         Ron Verzuh, historian and author of Underground Times:
        Canada's Flower Child Revolutionaries

“...a compact history of the Second World War and its beginnings, placing family history, love, marriage, adventure and struggle, within the political realities it was given.”
         Harold Rhenisch, in The Ormsby Review

“ excellent storyteller ... an enjoyable, easily accessible account.”
         Judy Smith, author of Native Blood: Nursing on the 

A sampling of reader reviews and feedback:

“Well-organized, eminently readable, grounded securely in good research and careful reflection, this book is a significant contribution to our understanding of a how the inheritors of a great civilization can be lured into acquiescence in -- and even at very least tacit support for -- regimes that commit unutterable atrocities. As other reviews have noted, it is marked throughout with touchstones to our own troubled times. These are good people Koerber writes about, not monsters. One of the great accomplishments of this book is it gently but irresistibly draws the reader into pondering how they would have behaved in similar circumstances. Koerber has done us all a great favour by sharing his family's instructive history. We are in his debt.”

“… Karl Koerber has found exactly the right tone to tell this challenging story. The weaving of the political and social settings with the family stories provides a level of understanding of the times, while not glossing over the intergenerational trauma. It also shows how, even today, we are not immune to the horrors. It is a stunningly important and easy to read history with reflection and meaning for current times.”

“On the surface this is simply a very well written biography of two people caught up in turbulent and dangerous times. It is a story full of drama and narrow escapes but there is a deeper undercurrent here as well, an attempt to focus a light onto the roots of some of humanity's age-old problems. This is done with courageous honesty - because it is the author's own family. And it is done with great compassion - because it is the author's own family. In today's renewed version of turbulent and dangerous times these questions have a renewed urgency.”

“What impressed me the most about your book was how you described the lives of both your parents with such compassion. Also, how you write about the history and politics of the different nations involved with such clarity and fairness.”

“This is a unique account of what it was like in Germany during the Nazi era and WWII through personal memoirs of Karl's family. It was fascinating to learn about life on the other side of the fence.”

“…I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed /appreciated it... A very interesting story & such a good idea to interweave Germany's history with the personal journeys of your family members, ... and so many very thoughtful reflections on the U.S. / North American reality & viewpoints/prejudices then and now & so much else. “

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