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     Ever since I was given a Kodak Instamatic as a young teen, I've been packing a camera around with me. My photographic interests have varied over time but now, in my later years, my passion has settled on the natural beauty of my home: the mountains and valleys, lakes and rivers, flora and fauna of the Kootenay region of British Columbia.

     Of course, I don't leave my camera behind when I travel, and I try to capture the beauty wherever I find it, whether it is the Pacific coast and Vancouver Island, the North, the Rockies, the Prairies or any other corner of our amazing country and planet.

     I've collected a huge number of images over the fifty-odd years that I've been taking pictures and I find myself continually sifting and sorting and trying to organize them into some semblance of order. That process will continue now as I seek out some of the work I feel best about to display on this site.

     I've begun with some galleries under the heading of Where I Live, and I will be adding more images and galleries over time. I send out notifications of new galleries as they are added for those who subscribe to my mailing list/blog,

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