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Welcome to my home on the Web!

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      I created this site as a place to share my passion for photography and writing. With my photos, I aspire to impart the sense of wonder that I feel when I am wandering about in the natural world, be it the woodlands and mountains of my home in British Columbia, or places further afield.

     I’ve also sporadically scribbled poems, musings, diaries and so on throughout my life, with a few items even seeing publication, but I became more serious as a writer after I retired from my career in forestry a few years ago. My first project was a book about my parents’ experiences growing up in Nazi Germany—stories I’d long wanted to document. You can read more about the book here, or check it out on Amazon.

     I also keep a blog, where I periodically post my thoughts on various topics. It began as a follow-up to the publication of my book, but has since evolved into a more eclectic agglomeration that reflects my wider range of interest. There are a couple of other writing projects in the works that I hope will come to fruition before too long.

     So, have a look around, enjoy and, if you like, send me a note, or sign up for my mailing list to get updates about new posts etc.

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