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Today's Walk - Resurrection

The blue skies and longer days are having an effect. I'm slowing emerging from my annual winter torpor/depression. Lettuce, spinach and arugula have sprouted in the greenhouse. The robins have arrived. It's a time of reawakening, and boy, am I ready. With every passing winter, it feels like I sink deeper into a kind of waking sleep that gets harder to shake off. I suppose, as I approach the end of my 75th year on this orb, it has something to do with aging. Or not.

Anyway, this unseasonably lovely mid-March weather has been a boon for my mental health, and a little hike in the hills above Krestova proved to be restorative.

It's only my second foray into this area, even though it's practically in my backyard. This meltwater pond at the base of the hill makes a romantic hideaway for a pair of mallards.

A cougar had recently passed by. That’s my size 14 boot track for comparison.

Interesting terrain, with rolling, mossy bluffs and patches of forest in the gullies. Nice views of Siwash, Connor and Copper Mountains to the south.

Colour! Blue sky and the vibrant reds, greens and golds of my old friends fire moss and Oregon grape. Soul replenishment.

These past few glorious days are just what the proverbial doctor ordered. Thanks to El Nino, I guess, although there will probably be a price to pay later in the summer. But, for now, anyway, trying to enjoy the moment.

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